What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Is It Right for Me?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a practical, results oriented approach to treatment. The focus is on learning techniques to deal with current, every day concerns. It is a form of treatment which helps people make concrete, observable changes in their lives. It is an approach that requires both the client and the therapist to be actively involved in the work and to work collaboratively. We set an agenda each week for the session and create homework to be done outside of therapy.

There is a focus on the ways a person's thoughts and attitudes affect his feelings and behavior. The premise is that some people develop negative and distorted beliefs about themselves which interfere with their functioning. This can lead to depression and anxiety, as well as procrastination. Cognitive therapy helps people examine the beliefs that are holding them back and learn strategies to counteract those beliefs. 

CBT is a research-based method of treatment. There are a large number of studies showing the effectiveness of cognitive therapy for depression and the anxiety disorders. In addition, there are certain protocols that are used to treat specific problems.

Cognitive therapy, however, is not a cookbook approach to your issues. I tailor my work to fit the individual and help you set and reach goals that you wish to achieve. CBT is useful for both recent situational issues and long-standing concerns.